Consultation Philosophy and Process

Philosophy and Process

Approach to intestinal issues. From childhood, we are taught that we should keep discussion of our bodily functions and associated anatomy private, particularly those that relate to the anus. As such, many people find talking about these issues embarrassing and are anxious about physical examination of the pelvic floor. It is not uncommon for patients to avoid seeking help for colorectal disorders because of this apprehension and needlessly suffer in silence for long periods of time. This may lead to unnecessary or dangerous delays in diagnosis and treatment.

Our physicians have dedicated their professional lives to helping people with these culturally sensitive issues and strive to make our patients as comfortable as possible with both the interview and physical examination.

We typically begin with our medical interview in the consultation room, proceed to the examination room and return to the office for recommendations. Accompanying parties are allowed if so desired by the patient. Some of the health information discussed may be of a sensitive nature, so if their presence would limit communication, it is best they wait until the final recommendations or in the waiting room.

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